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Ho to Fight for Your Goals(Currently only available through the author. Contact for details)



Goal Achievement, Leadership, Communication, Conflict Management and Life Success.

Beyond the skills you need to land a punch or a kick, Martial Arts principles can unlock the skills you need to land a promotion or a job; negotiate a contract; cement a relationship; or establish order in a classroom.

Social Combat Theory is the revolutionary tool which combines the ancient combat wisdom of the Martial Arts with modern social/behavioral training techniques. Mastering this discipline will help you prevail in the most critical conflicts, competitions and negotiations you will ever face.

From business to politics, from community relations to family relations, even when contending with your own inner emotions and personal challenges, Social Combat Theory will change the way you fight for, and achieve 
your goals!

How To Fight For Your Goals: Social Combat Theory is the book that will serve at once as your sword, your shield, your guide and your traveling companion on your journey to fulfill your life’s true potential.

Queen of Jihad
ISBN: 978-0578417660


When the teenage daughter of a U.S. Congresswoman falls under the influence of an online recruiter from a radical new terrorist organization, the Senator's only hope lies with Israeli Special Forces operator, Boaz Stone.
The point man in an elite, experimental unit called the 670, it's Stone's job to get himself captured, locate other abducted Israelis and rescue them from the inside. But when tasked with infiltrating the heart of war torn Syria to save a girl who's gone over to the enemy, he'll be more alone than ever before, and for the first time since joining 670, odds are he won't be making it back alive.

Wave Mandate

ISBN: 978-0692619285



This is undoubtedly the biggest:


…day of Kelerin's life: A warrior/scholar from the prestigious all-boys Academy on Osmos, he’ll be facing off against his arch rival in what many are already calling the ‘duel of the year.’

…feeling Analel's ever had: A telepathic ascetic from the Academy's all-girls sister seminary, she’s suddenly sharing a psychic connection with the boy Academic, Kelerin, in a way that should not be possible.

…accomplishment of Jonas' career: The valiant Academic has returned victorious from the Mandate Race, but at what cost, and future consequence?

…opportunity of Bar-Kas' one-man-war against the Islands: The Second Son of the Mainland has waited long for this moment, to avenge his brother's blood honor.

...and all of Osmos will never be the same for any of it.

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