A ? was posed: Has the ability to WRITE SF destroyed your enjoyment of READING it?

This question was posed to the Goodreads group, Sci-fi and Heroic Fantasy: Has the ability to write SF destroyed your enjoyment of the READING of SF?

Below is a slightly edited version of the answer I posted. Your own thoughts and opinions on the subject are most welcome:

I think it’s similar to being married and in love with one woman or dating and infatuated with a new woman every other week.

Having taken on the genre, we writers appreciate subtleties enmeshed deep within a colleague’s craft and technique above and beyond superficial plot.

It's fun to devour story after story for a spell but it's the love for Scifi that eventually leaves us wanting a deeper relationship with it, inviting us to settle down and commit, baring our soul in return for experiencing Scifi's essence.

We writers have seen Scifi without its makeup on and at times we may nostalgically reminisce about bygone days when we hadn't and all was still mysterious, fresh and new. But if we're honest with ourselves we’d admit those days will never measure up to the meaningful relationship we now share.

That being said, does no one else see some of these giant, glaring like a supernova, plot holes? You can fly Star Cruisers through some of'em!

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